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I believe in myself and in my one and only love...
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Recent pages by Raatri

Prepared within 45 mins and a tasty snack for any time.
Get rid of pimples, spots etc with home made face mask.
This is a very simple treatment for hair loss. Its easy to prepare at home without any fuss at all.
Home made yummy chinese noodle for those who are inclined towards chinese food
Recipe of delicious swiss jam rolls for those who loves cakes and pastries
Easy way of making delicious and mouth trickling choc brownies in just 45 minutes.
Does accepting another culture really benefit us in life? Or is it something to be arrogant of to giveup one's tradition?
Being literate does not mean to read and discuss high philosophical issues; one can be literate with light literature.
Different way of cooking chicken with butter and cream. Indian name is Makhon murgi meaning Butter chicken or chicken cooked with butter.
A sweet dish made of chocolate and can be prepared anytime in short time.
Johnny the great heart man spent huge amount of money for the shooting crew
Try this most popular and traditional hot and spicy Bangladeshi yoghurt drink. No big occasions can do without it.
The views were wonderful on the way to Delphi... cannot be explained in words. Today, Delphi has nothing but left with its ruins though there things to see then.
A short history of how Acropolis and Parthenon was built and destroyed in Ancient Greece
One of the many of my favourite dishes. Can be served with Polao (Indian fried rice) or normal white rice.
A Indian sweet dish, easy to prepare without any hastle.
"Science gave speed but robbed emotion." It is now possible to make life by the hands of people.
An escape on birthday in order to avoid all the guests
The best parents I ever had...we are happy, happy with all we have
A week's trip from Yangon to Mandalay. Really exciting!
Words have power. They can create friendship and also destroy them on the other hand. So be cautious what you say.
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