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Donna Begg is the website admin of She has been awarded with the MD and Doctor of Public Health, a multi-disciplinary professional degrees. She had worked across the globe...
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There are many facts about sleep, but the truth is, there are probably as many myths as there are facts. It is crucial to separate the sleep facts from what people think is fact and isn't really. Myths are just that and they should remain just that.
Sleeping pills or sleep aids is not the only way to fall asleep. You can achieve good sleep with using lots of natural things in the place of any prescription sleeping pills or over the counter sleep aids.
Sleep can do wonders for you and be an effective tool in the battle of the bulge.
Losing weight is a desire for many people especially after gaining weight due to poor eating habits and lack of exercises.
Hot and cold therapy can be effective against joint and muscle pain, though deciding which to use can be difficult for some. Learn different and quick methods relating to heat and cold that swiftly eliminate the chronic pains of arthritis.
musculoskeletal and hand/finger joint pain is on the rise as a direct result of mobile device and computer use.
Find out which foods should avoid during menopause and which foods that are helpful in mimicking hormones for a woman going through menopause.
Some women, as they grow older, may begin to notice a decrease in their libidos. While this may seem like one more thing to worry about in the aging process, a declining sex drive can often be cured by simply having a positive attitude. Positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle can he...
Is there an age requirement for using anti-aging products? It is in some people's opinion that young individuals should stay away from these products. Even at a young age, it is important that you take care of your skin.
With zero calories, bubbly carbonation, and loads of flavor, dieters love to indulge in low-to no calorie beverages for sustenance, even choosing it over water.
Hypothyroidism is defined as your thyroid under producing its hormones; specifically, T3 and T4. Your thyroid gland is responsible for regulating your metabolism, and when it overproduces (hyperthyroidism) or under produces (hypothyroidism) your metabolism suffers.
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