Eve Sherrill York

Eve Sherrill York
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I am an award winning author and have enjoyed writing online for about a dozen years now. I like to write about what interests me and that list is long.
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Cecil, a rare black maned lion who had been a popular fixture at the Hwange National Park, was found beheaded and skinned recently. Bait was used to lure the lion out away from the protective area of the park.
Canned hunting in other countries as well as right here in the U.S. How endangered species are used as advertising ploys.
Tells statistics and information about recycling and why some of these metals are bad for the environment.
Tips on how to get through your first year of college. Ideas on how to get your bearings.
How to be beautiful in body, mind, and spirit. The way to think, feel, eat and walk through your days.
Foods to be aware of during pregnancy. What some bacteria and such can do to the unborn fetus.
Bringing a new baby home to a family with some older children. What occurs and what should be thought about in this situation.
Background of the parade and how it came to be. What the 2015 version had in store for parade goers.
What do you do when you bring the new baby home? How does this effect the rest of the family?
About preparing older children for the arrival of a new baby into the family.
A young 15 year old is able to up date the 60 year old diagnostic tool used to diagnose ovarian, lung and pancreatic cancer.
Living rooms in the home serve different things for different people. This article gives you different ideas for different aspects of the living room.
A letter was sent to David Meeks, the executive director of the Hollywild Animal Park, from PETA following a horrible fire recently that took the lives of 27 animals at the Primate Barn at the Hollywild Animal Park in South Carolina.
Different ways to save on heating your homes. Who to call, things that could go wrong and area heaters.
Our feet do a lot for us, things we don't realize. Every day they carry us around and wearing all manner of shoes.
More about my love of books and how my mother loved books before me. The story of my great aunt and how she related to me one day.
My love of the written word and how much I enjoy a good book. How I read and what I read and why.
About my home town and its statistics, things I enjoy about it and interesting points about it and the area.
For the person with COPD everyday activities becomes a real drudgery and they cannot breathe and have next to no energy.
This book is the characterization of a young man who is more of a wild animal than he is a human boy. His behavior is bizarre and unlike anyone you will probably ever meet.
My grandmother used to make these cookies all of the time. I loved the flavor and the walnuts in them too.
Nine year old Aidan Robinson has chosen to do things himself. Having his lower left arm missing since birth he has known many traditional prosthetic arms during his nine years. Early in his life he wore a doll-like arm that allowed his brain to develop motor skills on both sides of hi...
The work the umbilical cord has done during the pregnancy and how to care for the remainder of it until it falls off.
Gray hair is both a sign of an aging horse and also means the pigment has not reached the hair for whatever reason. These handsome horses get their coloring because of two things- a varying amount of black and white hairs and their black skin.
This type of bread is hearty and has a rich flavor. Family favorite for many years. A unique way of baking it as well.
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