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A student of classics and purveyor of the fine things in life; cooking, music, tomato ketchup, linguistics... Also interested in the other things, like politics, Latin, economics, useful languages, philosophy, and positivity. Oh, and grammar.
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A review of Amazon's latest Kindle -- the third generation; the good, the bad and the ugly...
Have you ever been confused by your adjectives and adverbs? Do you know the different between a particle and an article? This page will explain them all! Some are defined differently in different places, but this is a typical low-down...
For many German students, understanding cases is the hardest part of learning the language since they are so different to English. This page will hopefully help you to overcome this grizzly grammatical enemy and to come out triumphant in speaking and writing German.
Ever tried to use adjectives in German? Ever got confused by which letters to put where and when? This guide aims to help you defeat your enemy.
Do you know the difference between 'infer' and 'imply'? What is 'principle' and 'principal'? Do you use 'less' words or 'fewer'?
This is an easy and completely adaptable fruitcake. What makes it so good is its quick preparation time, minimal tools and brilliant taste. And it's vegan!
How to get your essays in good shape and without the pain!
A great and tasty vegan recipe that's high in protein and very filling
An easy-to-follow recipe for Italian dumplings; Gnocchi. È ottimo!
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