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"Life is full of mysteries as they say. My life is like that. From the mysteries I experienced, I learned and grow up."
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Recent pages by Austee

"I Do" simply expresses marriage but the event itself is very stressful. Here’s how to organize a successful wedding.
Who is your soul mate? Along the way, we sometimes drove on a rough road. There are ups and down. In some parts of the road, we met accidents. We felt hurt. We are so much hurt that at some point we quit. This is how we search for our soul mate.
Are you fond of using make-ups? Want to have a younger skin? Then see this for yourself.
A friend asked me suggestion on what products should she sell since she doesn't have money for it. Well, I guess this is the answer.
Want to have a new place to spend Christmas? If you want something new, why not do nature tripping this holiday.
Almost anywhere and any kind of weather, we experience colds. We feel so sick and unproductive. Use a simple formula to cure it. It takes only one step to make!
Writing, as an expression of thoughts, is a hobby at the same time a job. Earn as much as 300 dollars from your writings!!!
The month of yuletide is a time of gift-giving and get-together. The best season to market new ideas.
Poetry expresses oneself. It express everything. It tells something. Take a look at my poetry collection
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