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Donna Ross
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I am an ordained minister of a non-denominational faith. Love writing and travelling. Interested in writing to women, about women and inspirational articles.
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When the hard situations comes, do you look to God for answers? The disciples were disturbed when Jesus told them He was leaving -- going to die and return to His Father -- God. What were they going to do? Read this article and see how the disciples reacted.
As the Body of Christ of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we have the Power of Attorney to act on His behalf. Read the Power of Attorney and stand on the promises of Jesus. Do not allow anyone to move you from that position. You are entitled to it as a member of the Body of Christ.
So many times God is speaking to us, desiring to let us experience His love and because of what others may have told us about Him, we His children run away from Him instead of running into His loving arms. I dare you to run into the arms of your loving Father. He is good and He is f...
What kind of faith do you have? No faith, little faith, great faith? So determined and focused was the Canaanite Woman to get healing for her daughter that she did not care that she was compared to a dog or the fact that Jesus' disciples did not want her around. She stayed the cour...
God has specific plans for you. Regardless of what others don't see, Gd has a perfect plan for your life. Don't allow anyone to move you off track.
There are times when we need help and we don't always remember that our help comes from the Lord. This article would remind you of who to look to when you are in need of help. Lift your eyes to the Lord.
Do you blame God for everything that goes wrong in your life or do you try to understand that God is perfect in all of His ways?
With all the power we believe we have on earth, God holds the greatest power and has given it to mankind to use wisely.
What a position to be in when you recognize that God has been thinking about you all along.
There are people assigned to your life to steal your time. This is a true story about a friend of mine who was bent on stealing my time.
When you are in need of something to hold on to, God shows up in the form of a humble servant to encourage your heart as you are being challenged. Words of Encouragement are sent to encourage your heart.
Love -- The ultimate expression of the God who loves us in spite of our wretched way and gives a new commandment for us to love one another.
When challenges comes who do you look to? Do you look to yourself or others? When challenges I made a decision of who I would look to. Read and make your decision today.
There is only one substance that keep us anchored and faith is that anchor. When God and hope seems far -- faith kicks in and saves the day.
With All the Animals, Birds, and Creatures that God has Made, He still fills His Mind With Mankind
Some will say that they love you, until you do something wrong and acceptable in their sight and they change their words of love. However, there is a Gd who loves without limits
Daily we are trying to do things without including God in our plans. Help us Lord to begin to rely on You the more.
Discipline is what gets us to the next level in our lives. Here is some ways in which we can look at and begin to experience discipline.
Sometimes trusting can be very hard. There are times when we don't know what to trust or who to trust. That's when we are reminded to trust in the Lord with all of our hearts.
The Love of God is a love we are always seeking after. Come experience His love today.
After being sick for twelve years, and getting no help from doctor and with no place else ti go, the hemorrhaging woman seeks out help from Jesus.
In the world of doubt and confusion, we have to know where to run and who to turn to in times of need.
There is so much chaos, confusion and doubt in the world, we need to know where to go for help.
Regardless of what you are challenged with, you are about to be encouraged.
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