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I am a boy that hails from Nigeria, I'm a fun loving person, I love writing a lot. Although, I don't do it all the time but anytime I write, I just keep on writing until the ink finishes.
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Have you ever seen or heard about some product that you think should have never been made?, I bet you have, well, here are some I think are just inappropriate.
Have you ever had an embarrassing moment that still makes you want to enter the ground?, I bet that it can't top this. The funniest thing is that she asked how old I was, can you imagine?
Have you ever gotten any phone call that made your heart skip a beat and made you breathe faster?, I recall getting one, you'll be shocked by the conclusion.
Every rap addict has a list of top 5 rappers in his/her head, if you don't, well you are just not the addact you thought you were. Here's mine, don't be pissed, it's just an opinion.
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