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writting is my life,,so i will creation by writting ...
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At breakfast drink what you choose? Water, coffee, or tea? Although it seems trivial, various types of drinks are also rich in benefits. Nutrition can help the body stay energized in the morning.
Blackish color eggs with egg whites are transparent, making many people think the egg is already decaying. In fact, the typical Chinese dish has a unique manufacturing process and to complement the delicious dish.
In healthy physical condition, symptoms often appear to make the body uncomfortable. For example, leg pain, head feels dizzy, or nauseated.
Rainy season, the risk of diseases such as flu generally increased. If you do not keep the immune system strong, you could have that one disease.
Every two minutes, a woman aged over 50 years, fractured or broken bones. Worse yet, one of the five women realized that after three bones brittle bones crack.
Consumption of some foods should be limited, for example, sugars, sodium, etc.. Several types of nutrients contained in the food good, can be bad for your health anyway if consumed in excess.
Active women like you, wearing makeup is a daily ritual that must be done. true inner beauty is more important than outer appearance, but how a person wants to know more closely, if from the beginning you did not mean to leave the impression.
Diet is constantly changing trends, the latest is a diet popularized by Hollywood celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne and Ketty Perry. They confessed to a diet that is able to streamline the entire body, except for parts of the breast.
All parents want to protect her son from things that are not desirable. Without realizing it, many parents also tend to be overprotective on her. In fact, it tends to have a negative effect on children.
Modern medicine has been studying the physical relationship with a person's psychological condition. Various diseases, including abdominal pain, itching, and even heart disease, associated with the effects of emotional stress
The rainy season came back. Without the dark clouds accompanied timeless cool breeze and hot dry weather replaces previously present.
If you menduka that your body is slim ensure that you are far more healthy than the obese, you may be mistaken. Thin body does not mean you can not be exposed to such health problems experienced by obese people. Health problems in the thin, often unconsciously.
hot discussion in the columns of magazines or internet sex. In fact, celebrities are known abroad interested in tantric sex, call it the singer Sting and founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. Then, what is tantric sex?
Produce a variety of dishes that tempt taste and aroma, with one of the keys to success is the proper cooking techniques
Team rice or rice with a soft texture is one dish usually served when you're sick or in the hospital, should not eat first hard textured foods.
U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday (17/10/2013) night in the U.S., said the budget dispute resulting in "shutdown" of government, undermine U.S. credibility and make the American people fed up with Washington.
Rock band FireHouse old American feel happy to be a concert tour in Indonesia in celebration of Guinness Arthur `s Day
This area is famous for its culinary street food / hawker / street food, the best in Asia, but for foodies in Indonesia do not need all the way to Malaysia to try authentic food that region.
Pudding is one delicious and tasty dishes for loved ones. It feels good and cool makes some people crazy about this one dish. Well on this occasion, we will create a dish using ingredients pea pudding
Cluttered workbench often becomes a den of germs because of the rubbish that is tucked so difficult to clean
I am the flower of my life I commit the creator of life and existence following the course of the night wind tossed around like ocean waves carried me thank the destiny of the gods
I keep long It turns out I could not Could not not open Although I have been forced
Caring for head to toe every day. With the habit, you definitely expect beauty and skin beauty is always awake.
This teenage girl known to fall asleep when you're going on a picnic with his family. Thought to only sleep 'normal', Rosie just never wake up again.
Normal adult blood pressure in the range of 120/90 mm ​​/ hg. While the elderly ranged from 130/90 - 140/90 mm ​​/ hg. Is said to lower blood pressure in the range -20/-10 mm / hg under its normal size. The measure applies to both adults and the elderly.
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