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Matthew Hendricks
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Matthew Hendricks has been writing on various topics for various websites for the past six years. His background includes media, web design, videography, video editing and consumer reviews.
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Are you looking for another paid-to-write revenue sharing site? Well, if you land on or receive an invitation for a site called, staying far away is our advice for you today.
After South Africans have been continuously lied to about Jacob Zuma's Nkandla complex, the ANC government now warns taking and distributing pictures of the scandalous place that stands as proof their president is a criminal, is "illegal".
After 8 years battling discrimination by an "affirmative action" policy characteristic of an ANC-run South African Police Service, Lieutenant Colonel Renate Barnard finally had a victory when the Supreme Court Of Appeal ruled in her favor.
To people wishing to say their final goodbyes, the body of Nelson Mandela was made available for public viewing at the Union Buildings from 11 December until 13 December 2013.
President Jacob Zuma of the ANC ruling party of South Africa was booed several times by the crowds at Nelson Mandela's memorial service in Soweto, Johannesburg.
A 9-metre high statue of Mandela now stands at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa. It was unveiled this morning, 16 December 2013 by current president Jacob Zuma.
Sometimes something starts out very promising, but with time soon turns into disappointment. This is relevant to
Lucky Star fish is a regular part of many households' groceries. It makes an easy and quick meal, as it contains already cooked fish and can be eaten straight from the tin, or heated up in a saucepan without needing any more sauce as there is already sauce added.
Video noise usually looks like a slight snowyness on video, and it can also look like little flickering blue and green and red and colored pixels. How to remove them?
After installing a phpBB forum on your website, you're in the clouds! Yippeee, your forum is looking splendid and promising networking and socialising opportunities unfathomable by the imaginationless! But, as it sinks in and you get to know your forum, first thing you want to change...
The ADATA 8GB Classic C008 USB Flash Drive is just the thing you need if you transport information between computers regularly, for example you work on your laptop during the day but use a desktop computer at home or at the office. Or you need to transport data between the work compu...
Breakfast - the most important meal of the day. Don't skip it, they say. But what if you can't help it? What if you simply can't afford breakfast foods anymore?
So, you want to blind people when you smile? Now there's a product on the market that claims it can whiten your teeth fast, using light technology. It's called "Whitelight Tooth Whitening System". But does it really work? We put it to the test and can now tell you our results.
Most "AS SEEN ON TV" products work only in theory. Unfortunately the ABFLEX is one of them.
Yes, I'm talking about THE Wizard of Oz movie, the one that is still popular today, more than 70 years after it has been released. Let's discover some facts about and around this ever delightful movie:
Evidently fraud and tender corruption made them millionaires, but after years of living in extravagance, the Kwazulu-Natal business woman Shauwn Mpisane and her husband, former metro cop S'bu, were finally stripped in 2013 of 51 cars and 4 houses.
How do you preserve a boyband in their prime, preserving their youth, their peak, their eternal memory? You get Madame Tussauds to make them into wax figures.
Mandy Roux, mother of three, lost seventy kilograms of fat. Expecting the heavily publicised happiness that comes with fat loss, the experience instead made her long for the days of her fat body.
The beautiful Grace Kelly became famous in the 1950's as an American film star. Then she left Hollywood to marry Prince Rainier III, and become princess Grace of Monaco. Now, Nicole Kidman gives life again to Grace Kelly on the silver screen.
Robert "Panda Tank" Botha lives with his parents, has an IT degree, is a professional computer game player and is Mindsport SA's 2012 player of the year.
Pippa Middleton's valuable contribution to catering and throwing parties and celebrations, must never be undervalued. It really does liven up a party when you are all drunk and start talking about all the valuable tips! (The spin-offs that have gotten out of control anyway.)
Around 4 in the morning, she received the call: She is the king of Otuam, Ghana. Now she lives in America while ruling Otuam in Africa.
We take a look at a report by Finweek Magazine on tariffs asked by South Africa's four biggest banks, and the reasons why some are more affordable than others.
The killing of the world's endangered rhinoceros has increased at a rate of 50% in only 5 years. It takes only 48 hours for smuggling syndicates to get rhino horn from the time of the kill, out of South Africa and into Asian markets.
Deborah Kirsten-Mey was asked by Annah Kopo to adopt the latter's baby girl. Deborah ended up being charged with child-trafficking.
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