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HI all, I am 37, married, and have 1 little girl. I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Cape Breton Island. I love to camp, write, laugh and enjoy life. I like to learn something new everyday, do reasearch, and explore all varieties of health issues. Most of my writing focuses on health and wellness, travel, and of course humor.
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Recent pages by alsmith

Cape breton Island, the ocean. The beauty and power of the ocean in and around Cape Breton Island.
Halloween has become a necessary evil in many places. Not all of us see the point of this ``Holiday`` any more.
A scary Halloween poem to fright and delite. Find out what happens when you incounter zombies
A couple of spooktactular Halloween goodies. Every Halloween party needs a couple of orginal and scary snacks.
Not your average romantic poem, this one ends with a twist!
Finding your inner strength when faced with life and death.
When it comes to choosing a new gaming console, consider the Nintendo DS Lite
The four main categories of burns, and the best first aid treatment.
Dehydration: Causes, symptoms and first aid treatments.
Allergic Rhinitis, more commonly know as hay fever affects about 1 in 5 Americans.
Nosebleeds, why they occur and the first steps to treating them.
Most people think it could not happen to them and are not aware that heatstroke kills 4000 Americans yearly.
Antiemetic drugs, what they are and how they work.
Things to see and do in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Cape Breton Island voted 1 of the most beautiful Islands in the world.
There are many different ways to prepare an egg. With a few useful tips you can expertly prepare these wonderful ovals of tastiness.
Frostbite is a potentially dangerous condition that can result in permanent damage and even amputation of the affected areas.
Tinnitus, also know as ringing of the ears. What are the causes of tinnitus and how to treat it.
The easiest and most convient way to prepare and cook crab legs.
Chorionic villus sampling or CVS. What it is and how it is performed.
Living with Endometriosis, it's causes and symptoms.
A poem about abuse and the effects it can have on a life. This poem orginally played in my head as a song.
A tried and true way to catch a bear. May seem a little crazy but it works.
The first storm to hit Cape Breton Island in 2010.
Finding the time to write. How to get your ideas on paper.
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