Annie Amen

Annie Amen
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As an entrepreneur and dedicated student of life, I feel I may have inspiring insights, tips and tricks that can help others practically and spiritually.
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Recent pages by Annie Amen

Basic step by step instructions on how to start your own business.
This article discusses how to get small business financing when you have no collateral for traditional small business lending.
This is an article about installed radar detectors with laser diffusers from my blog Specifically I explain the differences and benefits of the Escort 9500CI vs K40's RL series in an unbiased manner so that consumers can make an educated choice about what rada...
This article is designed to inspire people to take chances and live their life and let go of their fears.
This post is from my blog and talks about how to prepare for your day mentally so you can always have a good day and take things that may come up in stride.
This article is about recognizing how everything in nature goes with the flow, but how we often fight it. Using examples in nature, I try to inspire people to adopt a smoother approach to their life.
This article is about how to properly tune a car audio amplifier, specifically a subwoofer amp or mono amp.
This article discusses the difference between 2 ohms, 1 ohms, 4 ohms, series, parallel and bridging in relation to car audio wiring regarding subwoofers and amplifiers.
An inspiring article describing real techniques that can be implemented in one's life to assist in letting go of fear, doubt and indecision in order to focus on achieving goals, dreams and living one's life to the fullest.
An explanation of distortion, what causes blown speakers and how to prevent them. Written by an industry professional with 10 years experience in the mobile electronics world.
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