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HAPPY,BUSY AND SOMEWHAT LAZZZZZZZZZZY! which explains the busy part.:)......................I'm gonna be writing about whatever i feel like actually!
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This page tells of the best foods for the human body, about what foods are the most nutritious and health boosting. Read and discover how by just incorporating a few of these tasty foods into your diet you can discover a healthy new you.
the page is about the common ailments related to heat and sun in the coming summer months and how they can be avoided , the precautions one should take in summers and some simple and common remedies to deal with problems like sunburn, heatstroke and rashes.
The page is about the holy city of India ,Banaras or Varanasi as it is called now - the aarti that is held daily on the ghats of Banaras that thousands come to watch, the temples in the city, the famous sarees of Banaras that are a must in the wardrobe of every indian woman, the mout...
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