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Hi! I enjoy online writing, and like the concept of meeting new friends. I write also mostly on Triond. I am new, so feel free to comment on my content. Friend me, and I will friend you!
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Asians are often stereotyped as being freakishly smart by their classmates.
This is a great book that can stick you right in the action of the story.
OnBux is, in addition to Neobux, an excellent PTC site. Users get paid to view ads.
Neobux is a great site where you can earn money by just spending five minutes of your time daily.
Contrary to public belief, distilled water is actually unable to conduct electricity.
This very popular tower defense game has the huge potential to waste some time.
Immigrants to America helped spread diverse cultures, including religion.
The Game. ESPN's top rated rivalry in all of sports. Nothing, NOTHING in sports can stand up to this type of rivalry. NOTHING.
Once again, Ohio State is playing for the Big 10 title against Michigan. Too bad that Michigan isn't in the title race, or we would have another great OSU-UM game. But... it is still Beat Michigan Week!
The number 48 wins the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship for the fifth year in a row!
On Thanksgiving Day, ABC will air A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving once again. This is a great special to share with the family.
The United States Constitution states what the American government can do or cannot do. Here are some of the laws.
If you are on the go often, you probably use your laptop a lot. How do you extend your battery life?
This extension is handy for viewing webpages compatible with only Microsoft Internet Explorer on Google Chrome.
The duck-billed platypus is one of the few types of monotremes, or egg-bearing mammals, in the world.
How can a geek suddenly kill the humor in a great joke? Read on...
There are a few ways where you can give yourself minor advantages against the opposition in Civilization V.
Walking your dog is a great way of giving you and your dog some exercise.
Hot Springs National Park is a United States National Park located in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Toy Story three for DVD and Blu-ray has come out! Now what's keeping you from buying a copy and wasting some time?
Is auto racing a sport, or is it not a sport? What are both sides to the argument? Who is really right?
There are many Internet browsers out there with different strengths. You can easily learn when to use a certain browser.
Why don't snakes have legs? Well, it all began with a stubborn lizard named Jack...
A Cuban man struggles to find the place of his dreams: The United States of America.
This is a quick summery of fertilizer's history, variety, and uses.
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