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I am a avid blogger, I have 2 beautiful girls. I am a chef and I love to write about everything I can.
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so I know that St Paddys day is coming. What better way to celebrate then to have corned beef and potatoes. I mean I look forward to this recipe every year and I have to make it cause its so good. Now I have shared this with many people and they all love the recipe. You can tweak ...
Now everyone that I know loves the brown sauce that comes with chinese food. But the problem is noone can ever replicate it. So what I have done is to practice this recipe and perfect it. Now you can use this for any chicken or veggie recipes that you love and not have to order chi...
Now I am a big seafood buff. I love it anytime that I can get it. I love the sweetness of scallops so this recipe was perfect for me. I love the way everything just mixed well together and it all came out so clean tasting. A lot of people have seafood allergies and I feel bad for ...
I think this is one of the easiest and delicious recipes. Its fairly quick and has just the best textures and tastes. As always you can tweak this to your liking. You can add things that you want to make this more delicious and enjoyable.
I love anything Asian. This is one recipe that you hope to have many leftovers. Then you can eat it the next day without sharing.(lol) But seriously everyone should have a recipe box filled with all kinds of Asian inspired food. Then you would save on Chinese take out and less all the...
This is one of my all time favorite bread recipes that I love to use. Its really easy to make and really yummy. I love blueberries, being from NJ where they grow wild in my moms front yard. This was the only thing I could think of making besides muffins. We had so many blueberries it ...
This is w group of poems that I wrote to be inspired and show how I was feeling in new relationships and what I was questioning if it was real and if I should move ona dn go to be happy and love again
This is a group of poems with inspiration and true thoughts and things I was going through and me trying to figure them out and seeing the truth in everything an just letting my feeling out and showing you how I felt on everything
Now these poems are just a groups of poetry that I wanted to share with you I dont have any true titles for them and I wanted to share they are about love, life and other things and have true meaning and show how I feel
I hope that you enjoy this poem as sometimes its hard to find the right things to say to someone at times whether you've made a mistake or your just trying to tell them you love them this poem seems to say it all
This is a poem I wrote for my mother though she will never see it when I was younger she abandoned me and my brother and she never gave us any answers as to why it all happened all she had said was that's a period in my life I don't remember which kind of tells me a lot considering th...
This was a poem that I wanted to share on chance meeting and seeing someone new and seeing how they felt and knowing how it feels to meet someone who could be the right one or not and also other poems of love
I had random thoughts and feelings about love and always try to share things that are on my mind and this is the way they come out. I dont try to put things into a jumble at times when I write I just have them come out this way and thats the way I will write it
Things I have seen and felt the hurt was always there but then just one day I had to open up and let everyone know how I felt. Because I was tired of being hurt and I wanted to let people know I see the truth.
This was a poem I wrote last year for all the lovers since I was feeling less loved that day and wanted to share what I was feeling. I also wanted to convey how everyone should look at things with the ones that they love.
A poem I wrote when I met the man of my dreams but was afraid he didnt feel the same for me. So I wrote this poem in hopes that he would see the light and let his feelings show through
This is a poem I wrote cause I had hurt someone very dear to me and I wanted him to know I love and care for him very much and the poem is pretty much self explanatory.
I just made this for dinner last night but it was leftovers so I dont have the pictures. But I am going to share this recipe with you cause I went to my local store and they had turkey thighs on sale. I mean I got like 5 packages of turkey thighs for like 70 cents each and they eac...
Very yummy and great recipe to have in your box I think. I love using fresh bananas for this some people use old but I prefer the fresh to the old. I think it has a better taste to it and also you can tweak this.
This is a quick thing that you can put together in a rush and just leave it all day so that it can get some great flavors going. I hope that you enjoy this because it is also very easy to do and you wont go wrong in any way.
This is one of my recipes that I like to share with all my friends and family. This is always a hit at parties and such and you will not be disappointed in the flavors on it either.
Beautiful poems and great words that help you think about love, life and just meaning. I am sure you will love these works as I have lived each an every single one of them. I put alot into my words.
This is about the tv show Once upon a time. This show has so many good adventures as of right now. They have been to so many lands and many more to come. So this will be a great show to follow.
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