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78 years old
I play table tennis and golf.
I'm a keen gardener.
I write amusing stories about
everyday things I see around me.
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Recent pages by THE BARD

Just a few ideas on how you can use and enjoy growing fruit and veg on a small garden plot.
With the Water Companies putting bans on the use of hose pipes it will hit the amateur gardeners hard, especially us old un's. You could be fined up to £1,000 for breaking the rules.
Four short stories. I hope will apeal and make you smile perhaps.
You don't want a foreign language forced on to you in a public place.
A strange smell at my local Bar. My number came up at the casino and I could have got lucky!! Got the wrong underpants but her in doors fixed the problem.
The early part of this year has been the wamest and driest I have ever known. I have taken advantage and got some early crops.
Yes, Three observations in my daily life too close to reality for comfort. Well two of them then!!
The old models are not very fast but they are reliable!!
Just imagine the mayhem being in charge of this lot if the jaws! got out of control!
Watching Television can be a bore sometimes Feeding chickens can get interesting! After a game of Table Tennis you can sit and have a gass with your opponents. The years go by so fast!
Compare the taste, compare the price. Grow Your Own. No contest.
The Bankers get the smell of money but Charlie and I could come up smelling of roses!
The cold weather can cause a problem, Christmas cards can cause a row.
There's always a laugh to be had in my home Town. Well when i'm looking there is.
Three stories, one true, one nearly true and surely it couldn't have happend.
Three stories. One true. One almost, One made up for a laugh!
We don't need de-icers and scrapers we need inventors.
When the Male of a species wants to impress a Female the animal instincts rule.
The Bookie was out of favour for a while and the Chemist was in, but at the end of the day it's the Bookies that win!
If White chocolate had the same properties as the Dark chocolate then the embarrassment at the party could have been camouflaged.
When it comes to managing the the household in difficult times the woman will always find a way. The man has no say even though he comes up with a good solution to solve the financial problem.
Molly was indulging in activities that could not be kept a secret. It was soon out of the Bag what was going on!
If you suffer from Haemorrhoids please leave this story out. I sympathise with you.
I had a lot of fun and good times with my Aston Martins and made good profits when I sold them. Now is the time to look at another make of quality car to do the same as I did.
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