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I am working for a private company as manager for Material Management. I live in Bangalore, India, married and have two kids.
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Home remedies to induce sleep - sweet sleep! These are safe and help in beating the insomnia.
The article is on Pran who died on 12 July 2013 in Mumbai, India. I am listing some of his movies which I have watched recently.
A 60-years old man goes missing accordingly to his wife. Six-months later, it was discovered that he was murdered by his wife over property dispute and illicit affair he was having with another woman from the same area.
A youth aged 25 years who has just started his career as taxi driver beheads his uncle because of uncle's misbehavior with youth's mother.
Laughter not only brings in the positive energy, but it is good for your health. A good laugh can relax your muscles relieving stress and physical tension. Chemically speaking, it increases immune cells by decreases stress hormones, thus help in improving your resistance to diseases. ...
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