Fatima Ahmed

Fatima Ahmed
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Our world has changed a lot from the way it used to be, earlier... Children don't respect their parents the same way.. Love is also disappearing from their hearts.... Here is some poetry that is an example what is happening all over today........
Just some more of my poetry… Hope you enjoy it!!... ^^
Talking to yourself is not exactly thinking aloud, though it is in some cases. It is just to say whatever comes to your mind. Sometimes, people ask who I was talking to and I feel embarrassed but now, come to think of it, it shouldn’t be embarrassing for me. I’m not the only one w...
Some poetry about how I feel these days with nothing to do yet so much on my mind… Enjoy!!.... ^^
Suffering from gas pains myself, and knowing how troublesome it can get, I'm sharing my knowledge about it with you. Hope this helps you…
As they say, opposites attract and fit well too!..
Another poem about a bookshelf coming alive.. Scary!!...
This is a nonsense poem that I wrote about my nose that is supposed to change everyday.
These are some exercises for the eyes that I took from the book, "Yoga" by Sri Swami Sivananda. Hope they help you..
Here are some jokes for all to read and enjoy!.. Have a hearty laugh!!!.. ^^
This is just some funny poetry I wrote. It is purely fiction. Enjoy!
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