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Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber — with his hordes of fans known of Beliebers — became the King of Twitter on Tuesday, topping fellow pop star Lady Gaga as the user with the most followers.
In April 2011, the CBS documentary "60 Minutes" called into question Greg Mortenson's work. The program alleged inaccuracies in Three Cups of Tea and its sequel, Stones into Schools as well as financial improprieties in the operation of Mortenson's Central Asia Institute.
South Africa have so often been the makers of their own downfall and five run outs scuppered their chase in Kimberley as New Zealand secured their first series win in any format in South Africa. One of the lights that can lead them out of this tough period - Kane Williamson - produced...
This article contains a brief biography of one of the most brave and tactical military leader of history Hannibal. He was a great military leader and a brave heart,He earned Romans such a name that still they are considered the pioneers of the military history.
This article contains a short passage which shows how our country is heading towards success in the field of cricket.With the cricketing world going ahead in all fields,here comes Pakistan Super League which will serve as a platform to revive International cricket in Pakistan.
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