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Creative and argumentative writing. I have been writing poetry and several pieces since 10th grade.
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Recent pages by Aditz

Continuation to the family series, which is based on a Mafia group.
A continuation to The Family Part 1, I am going to keep the series going as much as I can.
A Story I'm working on at the moment. It circles around the life of a Don's son.
An assignment I was working on in 11th grade, though I already know the grade for it. I wish to know what people really think.
I was going through unfinished stories which I had written, thought I could get peoples views on this piece, Hope that you like it, and please leave a comment if you think anything is good or bad. Criticism is very much welcome.
Felt the need to express some thing for my mother all of a sudden and this is the result of that feeling.
Words just hit my mind and I write them down. This is all that fits togeather.
This is a story in the making, though it is still the making I would like all of you to perhaps read it and give and tips, problems, or comment. Critics are welcome
This is a story I wrote quite a while back, its a story to inspire living.
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