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Writing has always been a way of self expression for me.
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Got a problem with other users on Poshmark? Don't you dare share it with other poshmark users, it's against policy! Don't you dare try to warn others about someone else or you will be in violation of their guidelines and the action they will take against you varies.
Learn why ebay may be a bad choice if you need to make money on the side selling stuff, or are a single mother trying to get extra cash. If you need to make money on ebay to help you with your personal expenses, then there is a huge downfall to selling on ebay. If you don't need the m...
Paragard IUD Rusted inside my uterus for 7 years and in that time I have experienced persistent vaginal odors, chronic yeast infections, and general vaginal discomfort, not to mention painful cramping that traveled to my legs even when I'm not on my period, back pains, fatique.
What is the perfect relationship? Don't we all want one? Does it exist? Can we all have it? I believe the answer to the above questions above is YES, Yes,Yes, and Yes!
Paypal has its perks alright, but their debit card is something I now question due to the numerous occurrences of unauthorized transactions that I have had with them over the years. I have been at the same banking institutions for years as well but Paypal seems to be the main culprit ...
I think it is perfectly okay to cut negative people off from your life even if they are family. There's a big difference between sharing good happy news with others and bragging to make yourself seem greater. If a person only calls you to brag about something such as a purchase or to ...
I want to share my journey of eliminating sugar from my diet.
Alone but not lonely is what we are. People have a misconception of those who prefer being alone as opposed to being a social butterfly.
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