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Writing poetry, women's issues, education, about being a mom, and opinion.
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Launching into a relationship too quickly can have disastrous results.
Three little observations from my own perspective.
Citizen journalism explained. Would you consider yourself a journalist, even without a professional qualification in the field?
Paying homage to five women who have contributed to our world in no small measure.
Vanity publishing, under it's various guises gets a lot of negative feedback from accomplished authors. Reputable bookstores decline to stock self-published works. Is vanity press a bad idea for new authors?
While the list of benefits of the internet and social networking utilities cannot be disputed, there are some very real dangers that vulnerable people can fall victim to, particularly with reference to the phenomenal increase in social media use and online dating sites.
As a mother of a teen with Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD, I was particularly interesting in keeping up-to-date on new research findings. Research that was unavailable when I was a lone-parent, trying my best to cope with very limited information about the condition. ...
These are just a few idiosyncrasies I've observed in people I know, people I have met, and from stories I have been told - reflections on Human Nature rather than about any specific being. I hope you enjoy!
The foods we eat should nourish our bodies and minds. Living with food intolerance often has the opposite effect causing often-debilitating symptoms. Soy is one of the most abundant foods in our food supply. It is also one of the most common foods people develop an intolerance or alle...
Increasing demands on families to work extended hours takes its toll on personal relationships and health.
We have all heard the phrase, "laughter is the best medicine." Research not only confirms, but provides the reasoning...keep laughing, my friends!
With so much information available to us, it becomes difficult to determine the good information from the nonsense. Yet still, for some issues, we still need more information because we just haven't got it quite right yet.
Preparing our young people with better communication skills will help them to deal with bullies.
Two short poems to think about the impact individuals in families have on one another.
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