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Melissa Dawn
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I have been writing ever since I can remember, and currently focus my attention on articles, how to guides and e-books. Check out my group e-book at
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Televisions are getting more and more complicated, especially for the technologically-challenged amongst us. Many of us just want to watch a television show or a movie once in a while without all the hoopla. Here’s what happens when a technologically-dense older man, buys a new tel...
Sometimes when we are down on our luck, we have to live where we can afford - even if that mean's living in someone's shed!
Too much snow equals frustration. Everything takes longer, people get fed up, less observant and in some cases downright careless!
Content sites are a great place to write and act as a portfolio for further work. Bidding sites and established websites hire writers ona project basis and can help writers diversify their earnings.
This is step one in a series of how to return to freelance writing after a break. Returning to writing web content online takes some diligence and organization, especially if you haven't been writing for awhile.
When winter is long and difficult, you have to learn to embrace the funny moments it brings.
Being so tired of the ‘gofundme’ campaigns, a few friends and I decided to put a fiction e-book together, to benefit two of our writer friends. Here’s how to create one, quickly!
Sometimes on a Monday morning it just doesn't pay to get out of bed! Whatever can go wrong, often does.
If you are all not familiar with flash fiction it takes many forms; some forums/websites demand that a flash fiction story be under 400 words, while some allow it to go up to 1000. This story is about 400 words minus the title. This flash fiction story has a paranormal element with a...
On-line tutoring is often an overlooked field. Compared to other on-line jobs it is surprisingly easy to gain employment and the pay is good!
Our home is usually our single biggest asset. Saving money on home renovations can be crucial to keeping our homes functional.
How teens can find seasonal and year round employment both on and off line.
How many pairs of shoes does a girl need? And when does a fondness for shoes spill over into an obsession?
One of the pro's and con's of living in Canada, and more specifically Nova Scotia is our health cares system. Here is the current situation in Nova Scotia.
The old saying is true; if it looks too good to be true it probably is; here's an over view of my seminar at Leading Edge financial, or how to buy investment real estate with no money down!
Personal boundaries determine not only who and how we interact with; they also make up our value system of what we allow into our lives.
Sometimes, things can get out of hand at the Dentist's office. Especially when painkillers are involved.
I have had the privilege to know a fabulous couple. They will remain nameless, but have brought much joy into my life the last few years. The lady in her sixties is a fellow cancer survivor. Her 2nd husband, passed away this last week of brain cancer. I wrote this as a tribute to them...
We think our childhood friends will never change; sometimes life takes them on a very different path from ours.
Dedicated to a nameless, wonderful friend who suffers from Down's syndrome. An outpouring of love and gratitude for the continued joy he brings to my life!. I always call him my butterfly :-)
Racism exists in our schools. Today my young mixed race niece broke my heart with some of the things that go on. We wrote this one together, hence the change in direction midway through. The poem goes from my perspective to that of a nine year old girl.
Ever think of doing some different writing? Writing slogans can be fun and lucrative!
Sometimes we look back on a time in our life and wonder what we were thinking! Here's a bit about the journey of my life.
I love my no bake recipes! I can make these Key lime bites with white fudge sauce quickly and easily with young family members.
Sometimes children say the darndest things at the worst possible moments. ** Disclaimer this story does include adult humor **
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