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A young student studying A Levels in Britain. Iniative and likes writing articles about a variety of things, including Games, Supernatural things and Society as well as things I am studying.
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This is an article on causes of co2, problems and solutions and how you can implement small changes to your home to help the world combat global warming.
Just as deforestation causes global warming, the effect that fishing has had on fish is disastrous. It is an enviromental problem which has not been tackled enough by governments across the world.
Speculations surrounding Apple have revealed a completely new phone will hit the markets. This year may brign hope for those waiting for the iPhone five launch.
Terraria, the great new game which has had its leader suddenly leave.
This woodcutting guide should hopefully help you make runescape money as well as give tips on the best way to level whether you are F2P or P2P.
A very strange event of a cat who could tell when someone was about to die from cancer.
Is the Chupacabra a real animal or is it just another myth to scare people away?
There is evidence of liquid on the moon Titan but is there really life in Titan or will we instead colonise it one day?
Is BigFoot real or is fake? Is BigFoot a giant ape or some experiment gone horribly wrong?
This wonderful creature is on the brink of extinction. How much longer will it last in this world...?
The government in the UK has proposed a reform in the way A levels are studied which could be coming very soon.
Did an asteroid really kill the dinosaurs or was it something else? Will it happen again?
The magnificent crystal caves in Mexico are a sight to behold.
Why is this called the red sea and what makes it special?
The beliefs of Area 51. Is Area 51 really experimenting? Does Area 51 have aliens? Why Does Area 51 Keep Secrets?
Is there really an Atlantis or is this just a mere legend?
What is Stonehenge really? Some say it was an ancient burial site while others say it could be made for a darker reason...
The largest fish on Earth - The Whale Shark is a massive beast which eats the smallest of creatures.
This How To Fishing Guide Will Teach You To Level in 2012.
Coelacanths were thought to be extinct 65 million years ago, but was recently discovered.
A new money making guide for Runescape 2012. This goes through many methods including how to make money from skills or even merchanting.
Funny and strange facts about chickens you may have never known.
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