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A impatient but ambitious 21 year old guy. Will be sharing my thoughts on becoming a father, ideas on making money online and promoting yourself. Make sure to visit my fan-page on Facebook:!/pages/Waldemar-Nenivraj/107416695980840
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I finally got going with the site. While it still needs a lot of work, I at least got my hands on a great photo-gallery. Thanks to the big, generous and friendly community of web-masters it is possible to get around a lot of work. In Part V we will start taking advantage of the Open-S...
While there is a lot of work to do before my site is set up with the dynamic content, I figured I might try to explain what dynamic content is, why it is so important and why your visitor most likely will stay longer if you can offer it.
So, I have decided to create a website. I have chosen a domain-name and where to host my site. Now it is time to get going with the actual creation of the site. In Part III we will discuss things related to the actual design of a web-site.
Part II in the series of articles about creating my own web-site. This time we will discuss domain-names and hosting.
Follow me in the process of creating a website dedicated to myself and the content I share online. Learn how I go through every step of the process and get inspired to do so yourself.
A day like every other day. Right. Pick up your camera and head out of town to get into some real action if you just have the patience. How about a jumping frog, a fox running in panic or traces of a wolfs presence? And it's just outside your door...
Did you know that those pictures from your aunts 60th birthday could make you money? Find out how to share your images with your friends and get paid for it in this guide.
Whenever a new phone is released and the manufactures brags about the hundreds of functions and advanced technology there is always at least one journalist who thinks he is funny and asks "Can you use it to call?". With the Nokia N900, it was actually justified.
Wow, just wow. I guess there is a little writer in me. When I joined WikiNut on 30th of July I would not even imagine that I was going be writing my 20th page just 13 days later. Well, here I am doing it. And now it is time to get serious...
Did you know that 300 km/h is the same as 186 mp/h but sounds a lot faster? And did you know that a £288 TV sounds a lot cheaper than one for 450$, while the first one actually is more expensive? Learn how to use different units to your advantage.
A 500£ laptop that will surprise you with its performance. Could this be the perfect all-round-PC?
A summary of my experience of writing articles and how to draw attention to them. Learn about start-pages, formatting your old work, using facebook to your advantage and more.
11th of december it is my turn to witness one of the most fascinating things that can happen to us. However, your mind plays tricks on you, it is a big decision with a lot of things to take into consideration.
We all think of advertising ourselves and our projects from time to time. I decided to step one step further and do it. Read all about the advertising-company that offers you a response-rate of zero in this review...
In a time with a large amount of opportunities, so many options for careers and so many things to do we get fooled into spending our time in in front of TVs and PCs. The 5-600 hours I spent practicing guitar-hero and the thousands of hours I spent playing games in general. What if I w...
You published some pages, gained a bunch of followers, answered a hundred comments and received your daily login-bonus for a few months now. You are as much of a WikiNut as it is possible to be. It is now time to go nuts on facebook!
Earn revenue by writing articles and guides on Follow this series of reviews to get a grasp of the experience of depending on the time spent there. Part I takes on the early days as a member.
A activated dog is a happy dog. By helping your dog to get an outlet for it's energy you will get a happier and calmer dog that will obey a lot easier. This will of course reflect in you and make your everyday a better day.
The Honda CB600F Hornet is a popular middle-class motorcycle. With its high RPM, 95HP and easy steering it is a recommended bike for first-timers. Here is a review based on three years ownership and 10 000 km.
Adrenaline, freedom, high speeds, prestige, performance, fun, friends, action, agility and probably a few hundred more words could be summed up in three words: "Riding a motorcycle".
So you really have nothing to write about? Your wrong! Here comes a whole page of ideas about articles, guides and reviews. There is probably tons of stuff that you just didn't think of yet!
Learn how to get new readers by creating a fan-page on facebook in this step-by-step-guide. You will also be able to share all your work here for those who are interested in your work, and they will be able to easily share it among their friends.
Since I fractured my elbow I tried to find things to do when I am home from work. Cooking and baking is something I tried out so here comes a recipe for a really fluffy pie.
Some thoughts about chosing a niche for your website or blog. It is quite important to think twice about what you want your site to be about, since you will get a much better result if you choose a topic that you have interest and knowledge in.
Some thoughts regarding the importance of surrounding yourself with quality when you are trying to make money on-line. No matter if you try to do it by clicking ads, writing a blog or running a website.
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