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Full-time direct marketing consultant, father of 3, keen writer. Interests include science, food and drink, sports and games
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A quick and easy to follow recipe for great chilli con carne.
MSNBC is without news host Keith Olbermann today after it was announced that he and the network were parting ways.
Have we been reading the wrong horroscope all these years?
A bite-size answer to why do we bruise, a question my children recently asked of me.
This is the quickest and simplest tomato sauce recipe I have ever tried. And it is absolutely delicious!
As a father of three children and uncle/Godfather to numerous others, I’ve been plagued with ‘why questions’ for many years. One of the most commonly asked ones was why is grass green?
Want to cook perfect roast pork with crackling? Then simply follow these simple instructions and cooking times.
An easy way to cook perfect steaks every time with these cooking times and tips...
A simple answer to the question: what causes thunder and lightning. My children – and before them my sister’s children – have asked me this on several occasions. I hope this short answer helps explain the causes to anybody else who would like to know...
We have rain clouds here in the UK at the moment, and lots of them. My 5 year old son looked up at the sky this morning and asked “dad, how are clouds formed?” Well, here’s the answer...
I was fed up with eating roast potatoes that weren’t really that good. This – I am delighted to write – is now a thing of the past in my home thanks to this foolproof guide to cooking perfect roast potatoes...
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