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I belong to Pakistan.I am an English language teacher. I'm greatly interested in English belles-lettres and love to write and read poetry.
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Sometimes bare trees hold a charm of their own and tell a different story.
Everyone has dreams and we should never let go of dreams. We are never old to dream new dreams.Dreams never kill reality. Instead they give us courage to move forward
When deep silence of night rings with sudden raindrops, it seems to cast magic as no other sound is to be heard but pitter-patter of the rain makes havenly music.Memories and dreams shower with downpours and some beautiful lines are created.
In the eerie dark when hush rules around and suddenly raindrops start falling. Then the rain cast a spell as no other sound is to be heard and heavens pearly rewards sparkle in the luminous lights on the ground.
Morning is a blissful time for everyone. The birds' sing songs of God's glory and the air is filled with their sonority. The sky bathes in golden hues, a charming scene to the sight.
Pet birds in cages and fish in aquariums make me think that the life that is meant to dream freely is imprisoned. How would it feel if we were in their place? (a fantasy though!)
When life is a burden to be carried along on one's own shoulders and it becomes very hard to mend the broken spirits.
Sweet are the melodies that fill the the air at dawn but no less sweet are they when the golden disk of sun rises above and the landscape is kissed by his rays.
Sometimes silence speaks louder than words and sounds. It has it's own queer language that can be understood if we have insight.
Tidal waves and life's events both are synonymous.
Time is ever flowing stream and life floats on it like a paper boat.
A part of humanity that is denied any identity and justice.
Splish-splash, pitter-patter. Have you ever listened to the song of monsoon rain? Let's read the one.
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