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I am my self. I am my father's daughter. My views on things of this world are not as everyone else. I am different, I accept this difference and with every waking moment of my life accept this and continue to follow my heart. In my writings I will write about many different things from many different aspects depending on my location mentally and physically. Society has a huge role on my views about life, love and following my heart.
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Step into the Adventure with me. This is a TRUE story...Its CRAZINESS and I get first hand experiences.
Today... I am writing my thoughts seeing how this is part of a diary entry. If I dont have some where to place my idol thought other than facebook I will go crazy. I can no longer use facebook. It got me drug tested, a psych evaluation, homeless and caused me to lose the only thing I ...
Thoughts on my Birthday. Another day older in body but in spirit time does not exist.
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