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I am 46 years old. I was born in London and have lived in various counties around the UK. I presently live in Yorkshire. By trade I am a qualified Vehicle Engineer. I have been writing since my school days. I specialise in WWII aircraft. My blog pages are, www.ww2historicaircraft.blogspot.com. I am engaged to a fellow writer. My first book is now published its called 'Outside the Airlock' its avaliable via,
I hope you download teh book and enjoy!
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When you make a pact with the Devil. He will want his dues! If he cannot extract his dues from you he will find someone else! beware.
Show downs often take place. Two rival groups meet in a deserted warehouse. Then the shooting begins!
I started writing for online publishing houses in 2007. I chart my progress so far including my two books "Outside The Airlock" and "Rotate Into Flight"
The rear gunner on WWII bomber aircraft was one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. I take you on a typical bombing raid in 1944 in an Avro Lancaster bomber.
Important surgery can never be put off. We sometimes have to trust our doctors and surgeons!
This action in the sky short story is based in WWII. I take you up in a P38 Lightning Fighter. This is a taste of my up and coming second book called "Rotate Into Flight".
I chart how far I have come as an online writer and also explain my goals and ambitions, including my first two e-books.
In our lives vehicle do get older and need changing. Why not try 'Bob's Used Vehicle Emporium' ?
Marriage is a hard nut to crack. However Harold had, taken enough!
I have been lucky enough to drive very many and different vehicles in my time as a Motor Mechanic. I hope you enjoy my memories.
I have a limited knowledge of wines. What does amuse me is watching people without the first clue of wine's commenting as if they were an expert!
I offer my 30 years experience of being a motor mechanic to guide you in looking after your car.
I offer my 30 experience as a motor mechanic to guide you in looking after you car.
Everyone wants a free meal surely? I know I wouldn't mind one, or would I?
E-Bay was a ground breaking selling and buying tool. I have noticed changes and changes for the worst in my three years experince of using E-Bay. I hope this article is of help to other users.
Acohol has been with us for centuries. It has some benefits to health but so many more negative impacts on our health. Could you give up alcohol for 12 weeks?
A short story of D-Day 1944 told from the German defenders point of view.
This is a must read article for anyone who is serious about buying the modern day classic Ford Capri. I have owned six in my tenure. I am also a trained Motor Mechanic I hope my insight helps you. Find the Ford 'Saturday Night Special'
A spoof story set to make you laugh. Whilst at the same time high lighting the very real act of bullying in the work place.
This work is a snippet of an up and coming novella of mine. Please feel free to comment on the piece. Its a tale of conspiracy and bravery with a back drop of the last days of WWII.
You never really know whom you are going to bump into in the great British Public House and indeed what the time is?
The future isn't written in stone and I hope mine turns out like this!
I have worked in the insurance business for 5 years and I have never seen such a blatent rip off as Mobile Phone insurance!
I give you my background in writing from school days until now. I take you on a journey into publishing my first book 'Outside The Airlock'
The Meter reader is a short story which could easily happen to any of us in the dark days of recession!
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