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A positive, cheerful personality keen to share my knowledge with like-minded people. I hold a PhD in English/American Literature as well as being an anthropologist and Chartered Accountant (ret.)
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Recent pages by Subra

Life in Singapore is full of colour as the festivals celebrated by the Muslims in Singapore show.
Positive psychology has been shown to have a telling impact on happiness.
How the vibrations of love can purify one's senses and create happiness.
The performance of Veni Dhanam at the Triveni Sangamam is a vital part of the Kasi pilgrimage
A glimpse of the rituals performed at the beginning of the Kasi yatra
Why the confusion about the starting point for a Kasi yatra?
Is there any force in this world greater than love?
A holy bath in the Ganges followed by prayers at Kasi Viswanath Temple are compulsory preliminaries for the Kasi yatra
Getting set for a pilgrimage! To benefit from a pilgrimage one needs to prepare well
Is there a relationship between science and God or are they mutually exclusive?
A gem of advice from Lord Buddha's teachings that illustrates how patience is so rewarding!
Pilgrimage is a way God answers our yearning to physically travel to discover God and the truths about ourselves. This page is a brief introductory commentary of my unique experiences in India.
Driving in a foreign country brings with it attendant risks unless motorists equip themselves with proper driving skills, etiquette and common sense.
What can be done to make public buses in Singapore more user-friendly for the elderly, people with disabilities and children.
How an affordable plastic container that stores multi-medicines weekly can reduce inconvenience for patients, particularly the elderly folk.
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