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I love to write and read for everything. So, in my pages you'll find different topics, thoughts, poems and all that is in my mind :)
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Recent pages by Mira

This is a love poem for two eyes which see nothing ...
We think that we see everything and protect ourselves from pain, because for us it's the most terrifying. Talk without to know and judge without hearing. Close our eyes for fear of a showdown with the reality that every day deny. Angry about the elementary things and cry for no reason...
This is a poem for separation, for a unfulfilled and untouched love ...
This is a poem for for an almost forgotten love and the remaining dream of it.
According to specialists, the consumption of certain foods may help not only to reduce excess weight and good health, but also for relieving chronic pain like back pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc...
This is a poem about the love, when it is gone and expressed the feelings of the author.
Learn some steps by which you can help release the mind and feel much better :)
Do you know what is good and what is bad for hair? Learn some misconceptions and truths about the hair.
With this article you will learn what are the most effective products that help us strengthen the hair and keep it thick and beautiful :)
Poem for the Twilight, expressed in words what the author feels when reminisce.
All the qualities of duality, as bad – good, correct – incorrect, desired-unwanted and etc. are created from consciousness through ego. This raises the desires, aspirations, feelings, etc., which enable the infinity of options in the game. The game is an attempt to achieve the fin...
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