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I love the poetry world and everything that goes around it. I enjoy writing, reading and reviewing. Japanese forms are close to my heart, and some of my works have featured in international magazines.
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A nonet poem about how meditation can help one clear his/her vision, thus leading to renewal of insight.
A free verse poem emphasizing the importance of finding light in today and tomorrow, so as to move out from the darkness of past.
A naani poem about the value of honesty and truth in process of acquiring self-wisdom.
Hindrances in life are transient, just like the black clouds that cover the silvery moon. All one needs is that hidden spark to endure that dark phase.
Tanka is a japanese poetry-form, written using 31 syllables or less, in short/long/short/long/long format. Rose is the symbol of love, and our memories are assosciated with the people we love--let it be anyone.
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