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i love sport..

i am a student.

but everytime i love rapping and writing lyrics, i can never hide from making and doodling ..on my hand or on table tops..

most importantly, thanks to that special someone for helping me find a true confidence to believe in myself :).. ally.
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This half poetry half lyrics tells a story of my life related with soldier view. The words aren't fully spelled correctly because i am twisting and playing with the words i choose. I want it to be regular rhyming poem lyrics.
This poem is the trigger to anger. Its about me. Its about how you try to be good, but dont know if you can do it. Theres a maze but their isnt a key. This lyric/poem is made from the maze of MY mind.. enjoy.
This poem is about differences. From Black to White. Verbal abuse to culture and how any looks. But those are just written words, never prejudge. hope you enjoy my poem.
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