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Coletha Albert
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I am a native of Texas who has lived in California and Iraq. Currently living in Seattle, WA, USA and author of three books; Hell in Houston, Sunbeams and Carnal.
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What are the stages of grief, what does it look like? For everyone the journey is quite different however, it is important to go through it moment by moment and hopefully you have loved ones to support you. In these days very few people do, how do the lonely cope?
Why would any mother give up her child for adoption? For each birth mother the decision has different reasons. This article highlights one mother's story..
Being an adult means accepting who you really are, the good and the not so good. Admitting imperfection is good for the soul.
Acceptance, does it come from within yourself or from others?
In a climate where tattoos and eyebrow piercings are nothing to be alarmed about much less profanity in public places, what's wrong with discussing "forking repos" and mentioning "dongles" in a public convention hall? Well, techies were fired because of it. A website was hacked due to...
Keeping a journal is very therapeutic and centering for those who take the time to complete an entry on a regular basis. Here is an example.
Why would Bruce Harrell make a fine Mayor for Seattle, Washington? I am glad you asked! Here's why...
With all the many details to cause disunity, hostility and distrust - here's another one, regions.
In this world is it about perspective or reality? It's about reality and time dictates what that reality truly is.
Wendy Williams is something else! She has been around for years and is still going strong!
To become a mom or not become a mom...that is the question. Women today have many choices but none are made easily.
Everyone has bad luck from time to time; if your bad luck never ends...there IS another reason.
I love being his wife. I love my home provided for me by my husband. I am proud of our accomplishments. Even at the end of the day I still love my life.
There are a million ways to leave planet Earth, this is one way...
Loneliness lives in the yawn of never ending time, spent by yourself...where even reality becomes surrealism.
There is no else on the planet exactly like anyone else, and that's a GOOD thing.
The last day means laundry day for me but for my neighbors it's been time to move, to cry, to worry...
Lots of my friends from all over the world ask many questions about living in Seattle, Washington. While this page does not cover it all, it's a good source for one perspective.
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