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Harris Mungai
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I developed an interest in writing when I was in elementary school and since then this passion keeps on burning in me.Thank you Wikinut for this chance to express myself here.
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Let me never tire of urging the chief editors of all our English-language news publications throughout East Africa to collectively slap a ban on the word 'former' until their reporters ,sub-editors and other editorial operators have learned to use it accurately and intelligently.
As i said earlier in my previous post that a real man lives responsibly, here are some of the things I think a man should put some effort on. To live a responsible life,a man needs to do the following.Read on.
Cartoonists,humorists and satirists must know that one of the important limits on their work is the general but the universal rule to never mock anybody's religion.
Masculinity isn't really defined by culture or demonstrated by muscle. Nor is it gained through the number of women sexually conquered or by athleticism,military,financial or political victories. I believe a real man is defined simply as a male who lives responsibly.
Kenyans are yet to be convinced that the e-policing will be used reasonably and justifiably without infringing on their "human dignity,equality and freedom"
As i stated earlier in my previous article that a man should take initiative-a real man takes initiative. Here are some of the areas that a Man should mostly focus on as far as taking initiative is concerned.
The e-policing could fail just like other IT projects before it. We can install a modern security system but it will not deter crime unless we stop abusing systems.
Men so often define themselves by what they do,who they know,or what they own.And when they do so,they unwittingly set themselves up for great confusion and failure in their personal lives.
For half a century, Kenyans have been duped by a voracious centralized bureaucracy and made to believe that their development requires technical expertise they don't posses. Kenya's weak state capacity has been worsened by corruption and skewed allocation of resources.
Maasai culture and livehoods are in danger of extinction if the trend of selling their land and buying all sorts of things.
Many hoping for a repeat of 2012 finals when they beat Lybia in opening match.Equatorial Guinea chose to stage the cup after Morocco withdrew as hosts citing concerns over the Ebola virus.
At the 30th edition, Africa Cup Of Nations (Afcon) has interesting numbers.As the tournament happens in Equatorial Guinea, here are some of the facts on the Africa Cup of Nations.
Here's what to do whe the man you love thinks love is fleeting and painful.
If your weather and geographical location support fish farming,there is ready market for fish in different parts of the world and at a good price.And here are some more things that you should know about keeping fish in earthen ponds.
As earnings from traditional food crops like maize and beans dwindle,tree farming has offered some people a fresh opportunity to keep cash flowing into their pockets.
Cell phones are becoming the third player in intimate relationships,but at what cost?
The one thing every man learns over the festive season holiday is how little a woman knows about her home.
The recent essay by Nigerian poet-cum writer which was also published in the Guardian in London,was a captivating and finely written essay. But just to echo some different opinion on the subject again,is this article here.
Though she studied psychology to bend the wishes of her parents,my sister always had her eye on fashion design,and eventally,she ended up in the field that she loved.
Want to move from being just friends to lovers? Use these tips.
Fish farming is one of the key agribusiness activities in the country,with the government sometimes realising its potential and pumping millions of shillings in the venture.
The pre-occupation of poets,songwriters and romantics is the 12 days Christmas or the day after Christmas.My main concern, however, is the five days between Boxing Day and New Year.
With the trend in the world to day everyone tries to cut weight or working out to burn some calories.Why not try something different,healthy eating habits.
After a few years out of the limelight,Congolese Rhumba musician comes back with a new album that features Kenya's Prezzo.
Nigerian writer Ben Okri was wrong to criticise African literature.
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