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Len A
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I worked as a Counselor for 40 years. I sought to give my clients the dignity they were born with. If we honor the worth a person has they may live a life of integrity and value.
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In some professions we can be called away from our families to meet other's needs. We must be careful to keep a balance between our occupations and our outside activities, especially if it impacts our children.
This page reflects an unexpected act of kindness by an older man to the teenager who did his yard work.
We've all been told to be careful what we say in front of children. I learned that unexpectedly.
Customer Service can be an effective way to meet other's needs, honor their dignity and provide the caregiver a sense of satisfaction. These simple steps can help to make your experience what it should be.
During 40 years of providing Counseling, I learned that not everyone is entitled and therefore not everyone leaves the interview happy.This can be stressful for the service provider. I suggest the enclosed strategy.
The response to opening day of any sport brings about mixed emotions to many-excitement, anticipation, but also apprehension. The obsession with a sport can have consequences, but most folks have learned moderation, and some are never captured by the love of the game. The range of re...
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