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ii am the person ,i help friends according to their need ,if i have that stuff with me,i am sincere,straightforward,trustworthy person
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Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science located in Lassonde School of Engineering at York University find that the message can transmit/send a medium of Vodka accross the room.
HemoLink sampling device invented by Tasso Inc, it is easy to use to take blood samples without needles.
More than 300 people have been arrested in South Africa in connection with a wave of violence against immigrants from other parts of Africa, the minister of home affairs says.
There's nothing wrong in taking help from the opposite sex to improve your health. Here are some simple health and fitness tips that men should steal from their women...
Kickstarter compaign introduced a new type of brick lamp for reading etc etc, it works with out switch, shade and wires.
Faraday Porteur electric bicycle, and following a successful Kickstarter campaign started 3 years back, right now the e bike hit the market. The e-bike available in British racing green and classic white.
Australian businessmen proposes Frank Green application to order coffee, we can also send the coffee orders to the friends as gift, this cup is eco friendly also.
Every body knows and likes mango, mangoes are available in different varieties throughout the world. There are lot of health benefits in mangoes.
A Designer architect from Russia called Vtol, he designed a gbg-8 a cross between a handheld console the Gameboy and a gun.
Ohio based PoulG toys are raising new generation stores for Radio controlled pterodactyl, that really flies with fluttering its wings. A new generation toy looks like pterodactyl.
Now a days excess weight is main problem for gents and ladies, every body wish to became slim, follow these 6 types of food to became slim.
Chairman of the Board of Volkswagen Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser announced at New York show their engineers and designers working on a new Camper van with all Electricity.
When the people are moving in the packed local trains, due to sweat the other should bear the bad odour, Queen's University Ionic Liquid Laboratories (QUILL) Research Centre they made a odour less ionic liquid which releases aroma when it contact with water
KMEL Engineering found a new function of flying robotic rockband, they play several instrumental songs, the project was presented last year during festival in the United States.
Hammacher Schlemmer is developed new system in skating, he prepared Post Modern stakeboard the ring type skate boards.
A German organization has quite recently created "robot ants" that could potentially change the eventual fate of difficult work, demonstrating amazingly high proficiency in plants. Their creation, called BionicANT – which remains for Bionic Autonomous Networking Technologies, is mad...
Pebble watches are the pioneers in making smart watches, Pebble watches got the record sales of 1$ Million Dollars in 49 Minutes.
Now it is easy without new fittings or changing fittings and wiring, a smart way to switch lights on and off, when you are away from the home with a device by Switchmate linked to smartphone.
The Italy based giant manufacturers of cement constructed a building in Shanghai, China with transparent cement, the building permits day light in to the building so saving electricity in the daylight.
Shaun Scales, Chief of Shelter and Settlement, at UNHCR. 
"Its deployment will ensure dramatic improvement to the lives of many people affected by crises with ikea Refugee shelters.
Stockholm's Tham & Videgård Arkitekter has proposed four interconnected skyscraper condo pieces developed from wood. Still in the arranging stage at present, if the undertaking proceed it will ascend to a stature of 20 stories and incorporate 240 condo that disregard the ocean in Lou...
It difficult to feed water to plants and crops by special technique evaluating water by Roots Up has designed a greenhouse for use in hot, dry climates that collects dew for irrigating the crops inside.
Japanese firm Mitsubishi Electric company arranged spiral escalator at shopping mall in Shanghai it stretches seven storeys making it the world’s largest spiral escalator.
Lance Abernethy of New Zealand invented the small power drill but it can drill only skin or tissue paper. He is claiming that this is the world's smallest Power Drill ever made.
Sifang Liang Jianying was fabricated a eco friendly First Hydrogen operated Tram in China, it take him two years to fabricate it. It can carry 380 people with 60 seats up to a speed of 70 Kmph. Hydrogen powered tram emits water instead of carbon dioxide.
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