William Fullmer DVM

William Fullmer DVM
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Dr. Fullmer graduated from Washington State University with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. He also graduated from the University of Idaho with a bachelor's degree in Veterinary Sciences and f
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Condoleezza Rice brings many qualities to the table that would benefit him in his bid for President of the United States.
The Christian world celebrates Easter as the anniversary of the atonement, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As we commemorate these seminal events I would like to share some of the scriptures that have changed my life and given me hope and strength during difficult times in my...
These verses teach that there is no greater message than that Jesus Christ lives, He atoned for and then gave His life for our sins. Jesus Christ showed us the way to live and to overcome our trials and obstacles. These Easter Bible verses give me the strength to carry on when I fe...
Try this very effective technique for housebreaking.
Recently I watched an episode of Animal Planet’s Confessions: Animal Hoarding. As a veterinarian this series is very difficult to watch. The state that these animals are in is appalling. Most species have a natural limit as to how many animals can congregate together before they ...
Foaling season will soon be upon us. Here are some suggestions to ensure that your foal receives the best possible care.
The most unfortunate aspect of canine and feline heartworm infestations is that they are almost completely preventable. I will discuss the history of heartworms, infection, clinical signs, treatments, and most importantly, prevention.
Since the beginning of our history the Lord has sanctioned marriage. My family’s wedding traditions since the 1840’s have centered on eternal marriage.
Christmas morning 2011 dawned with sounds of air raid alarms and the cries of “take cover” at Bagram Airfield.
Family vacations create lasting memories. Make sure you spend time with your family in ways that they will remember forever.
This year my sister spent Thanksgiving in Afghanistan, here is her story.
Ferrets are unique animals that make enjoyable companions.
I had the remarkable opportunity to spend the Christmas of 1983 in Bangkok Thailand.
Feline distemper is preventable by vaccination. You can spare your cat form this deadly disease by following your veterinarian's vaccine protocols.
External ear infections are a very common condition in pets. Your pet will need to be examined by your veterinarian to diagnose and properly treat the problem. Don’t delay an exam, the longer you wait the problem will be more difficult to take care of.
Eating bones may cause problems in dogs of all sizes such as; constipation, esophageal choke, intestinal obstruction, bacterial infection, and broken teeth.
As a lifelong recipient of the blessings of paying tithing, I testify to the goodness of God and his bounteous blessings to his children
Faith in Jesus Christ is essential element in our lives.
Many pet health misconceptions can lead to improper decisions concerning your pet’s well being.
Take the time to carefully consider these suggestions before choosing your next pet.
Cattle plague has been eradicated form the earth. The second of only two diseases to in history to receive that declaration.
I turned on the radio the other day and Ted Nugent’s 1977’s song Cat Scratch Fever was playing. While the song is neither about cats nor feline disease, there is a very real illness called cat scratch fever which can cause sickness in animals and humans.
One of the relatively new changes by influenza A virus is a recent mutation that allowed the Equine H3N8 virus to infect dogs1. This mutation appears to have originated in Florida in racing greyhounds. The dogs were fed horse meat that was infected with the virus, at which time it m...
Recent outbreaks of Canine Distemper virus across the United States have resulted in the euthanasia of numerous dogs and caused untold pain and suffering in affected animals. This fact is frustrating in that canine distemper is almost completely preventable in dogs with proper vaccina...
I agree with Mr. Rogers that the crucifixion was a very important part Christ’s triumph over Satan, but it is only one part of the Saviors’ victory over the serpent of the Garden of Eden. I will divide my remarks into Christ’s ante-mortal, mortal and post-mortal triumph over Sa...
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