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Tyler Moore
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My writing will mainly be reviews and history articles but I hope to expand as time goes on.
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Spiderman must face the villains Electro and Green Goblin as he continues to solve the mystery of his parent's disappearance. He must also come to terms on how being Spiderman affects those around him.
It’s not known how the corgi came to be. It’s thought the Vikings brought them to Wales in 800 or maybe the Celts did in 1200 B.C. Either of these might be the case but the much more interesting theory is provided by Welsh folklore.
Women taking part in war in a fighting role has only been happening for a short time. Taking part in medical aid near the frontline was their place before that but even that is recent considering many, many years humans have fought. War was a man’s realm. Even so, some women took pa...
Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the adaption of the comic of the same name. Captain America now has to face unknown enemies that will force him to on the run from the very organization he works with. He will have to learn the secrets of a far reaching mystery as well as take do...
Involvement in war has helped people reach high ranking offices in politics. One of those was Theodore Roosevelt.
The Disney movie Frozen has much audiences will love.
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