Shashi Mehta

Shashi Mehta
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I am a working woman, from India. I have a keen interest in writing poetry of all kinds.
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I have a written a poem inspired by the beauty of Madhubala, a beautiful actress of Indian Cinema who live from 1933 to 1969.
This poem speaks of true happiness which has nothing to do with money as money cannot buy happiness.
Love need not be expressed in words. Love is feeling another's pain and wishing for his/ her happiness. Love lies in the act of care and concern. The similar message is conveyed in this poem written by me.
Remembering my old childhood days I spent in the beautiful hills of Ranikhet (India), I have written this poem.
I think , if we look closely at our real self, we might discover horrible truths about ourselves and by acknowledging them, we might know who we are.
This is a poem I have written to dedicate to all the women of this world who sacrifice so much for their families and kids.
This is an inspirational poem I have written of my own life's experiences.
This is a romantic poem sung by a young woman, passionately in love.
Today is my fourth wedding anniversary. I have written this poem for my husband to wish him "Happy Wedding Anniversary " !
All human beings have fears. The physical fears are natural ones but the psychological fears are created by our own minds. These psychological fears are chief cause of our sorrows. They are gone, once you realize you create and nurse them consciously or unconsciously.
This poem reveals how ego comes in the way of our own happiness.
This is a poem sung by a woman who wants to gift something special to her lover which might last forever !
I have written this poem for my little kid. It reveals how blessed I feel to have him !
My husband is in Merchant Navy. He sails for four to six months and stays home for six months. When he left for sailing for the first time, I missed him badly. Today, after four years of our marriage, I bumped into this letter I wrote to him when he was about to come home after four m...
The poem conveys how our own griefs are ended when we help others.
How love can soothe, calm and heal is what is being conveyed by this poem. Its speaks of true love that knows no limits.
Its a poem sung by a woman who expresses how badly she wants her lover to be near her. She has so much to share with him.
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