Lux Raise a shell

Lux Raise a shell
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-20 years of age
-i am an enthusiast of novel and other classics... i love to write down my experience and my ideas.. optimistic at all times
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For there is nothing i can do but to love you forever
Once there was a hero out of imagination and i decided to create one from my self.
It was to late for me to stay up... and at a glance, I feel like I want to share something about me.
It is a brave thing to explore the meaning and essence of love. It is so universal that even the smartest man on earth cannot understand the things and phenomena brought by love.
I thought I will never see him anymore until one night I dream about him, a very strange Dream.
i don't know how to fight a kind of sickness that doesn't have a cure...
it was all about her, being a spoiled... and suddenly she cries for being a spoiled
this story is about my self having trouble for my enrollment, and unluckily the school officials didn't let me enroll and now i am tutoring my cousin.
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