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I'm 22 years old and I have been writing for the last 16 years. I write mainly fiction and poetry but do dabble in some other areas. I hold nothing back in my writing so enjoy.
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This poem may be unlike any you have seen before. It's about 100 lines and at times may confuse you. I suggest reading the poem at the very least four times before placing judgement on it. I hope you enjoy.
This poem is designed to get people to think and also just for entertainment.
This poem is a political poem that favors no party. It's an overall view of America in my eyes delivered in a Jazzy beat format. I hope you all enjoy and look forward to your comments.
This poem is a collage of poems I have written and my friends Brian, Alisha, and Rae have written. I made this poem in honor of them and the work we have done together. I'd love to answer any questions about the poem so feel free to comment.
The poem is a poem of place. The history of an area if you will. Take the poem in its entirety. Read the lines slowly to get an understanding of whats really going on. Once you've you read look up anything you might not understand or send me a message. Once your questions have answers...
The poem is a narrative poem with minor imagery and figures. The overall setting of the poem is a dark street surround by alleys next to the ocean. Its a dark poem but leaves room for interpretation at the end. If you have a knack for finding meaning in poems then feel free to do so. ...
This poem is dark in nature but if you look more closely it has much more meaning then what first meets the eye. Open again to interpretation and feel free to comment about it. The scroll will open your eyes to things most people never think about. I hope you enjoy.
This poem is completely open to interpretation and feel free to share them with me. The poem takes what you would assume to be a simple setting and warps it with other ideas. If you enjoy analytical thinking then this piece just might be for you.
My take on the wrongful and harmful uses of anti psychotics and antidepressant medications with our children. In this piece The truth behind medications is revealed and a new standard for medicating is addressed.
Why is it as a society we cannot go with out labeling something? I talk about the different kinds of labeling and how some should be taken off the books.
Darkness surrounds us all when we find ourselves a lone. Nothing can be more peaceful than having someone close to you, near by.
A man has everything taken from him that matters. In return, he takes everything from the ones who hurt him. Armed with his pain and vengeance he seeks out to torture all those who fallow evil.
The lives of two people come crashing down when forces untold lead them to each others deaths.
A man's journey through death and understanding to discover a feeling locked deep inside. When love is needed the most, he cannot show it.
A man looks back through his life to discover how he ended up in his current situation. Once youthful bravery is now nothing more than foolishness.
A personal experience of mine from my childhood. This is how i started smoking and why.
This is a poem about struggle. The truth of it from my eyes. Some may not think this as being a poem because it is not written like one. I tend to not follow the guide lines set fourth by those before me. Writing is free minded, therefore, my poem is style free.
This poem is about the feelings of reaching twenty one shots and the overwhelming pressure to succeed.
A short guide through a place i once work. The voices still haunt me. Their smiles stay with me. Although I no longer work there, it will always be apart of me.
My journey through dealing with the death of my unborn child. The worst part of it, there's nothing i could do to stop it.
The hard bitter truth of addiction and reliance on material items. Coming to terms with inner most regret.
Where we find ourselves in dark times. How we struggle through our inner most demons and become victorious in the end.
For years the connect between Jesus and Buddha have been talked about. Here is my findings of their connection.
The Dreamer's Dance takes the reader into the land of dreams and all things connected with it.
Other the last couple years more and more research has gone into our learning process. Current studies show that the way our schools teach and the home work assigned, isn't helping at all.
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