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Deb's Writings
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Asking self questions is a hard thing to do, it can feel it harms the heart...but in reality it releases the soul.
Have you ever wanted in someone's arms so very bad? Can you feel their spirit? If so, is this how it feels to you?
Soulmates meet, feelings weak. One runs away, will the other be okay?
Have you ever looked up in the sky and wondered? Is there magic? Do you dream of wishes? This is an expression of someone that does.
A Journey's Destiny does not just fall into your lap. It takes letting go of what you perceive life is and letting it find you.
Do you believe in love at first sight? This image of the pro-founding love that can happen just might make you believe.
Wanting love to last forever, to make a soul complete, desiring ever after, having love that's honestly sweet.
Misery from leaving, shatter heart, mind in scramble, all the pain puts soul in shambles.
Native way of life sends a father and son on a first time exploration of a lesson to be learned. "Love the land from which you take from."
The love that resides in us as a mother that is almost indescribable. This poem is written to express the inexpressible.
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