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I like reading, writing and sharing interesting articles. My favourite topics: environment, animals, plants, science, technology, useful tips and mysteries. Now I’m learning natural science at the university.
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If you travel abroad and you would like to buy some gifts it’s very important to know the local culture. In this way you can avoid the unpleasant situations.
This is a typical story about human nature. If we argue about a big amount of money we don’t want to make an agreement and in the end nobody gets anything.
Have you heard about “honesty boxes” in the UK? How honest you are? Do you think it would works in your country? Read this interesting article.
There are a number of stories of children who are raised by animals. Here are two famous stories.
What should you do or what not before, during and under an interview? Read some really useful tips.
What do you think about England and English people? There are lots of stereotypes, but are they really true?
Our body is amazing. Somebody can conquest the mountains, others can dive more then 150 meters depth - without bottled oxygen!
Do you know Harrods? It’s a world-famous department store located on Brompton Road, London. Here you can buy almost everything you want.
A good salesperson can sell almost everything – even you aren’t interested in that product. Learn their techniques and how to avoid them.
In our fast word things happen after each other – really fast. We need something to get the latest news.
There was a man in the USA – called Mr. Van Doren - in the 1950s who won more than $100,000 on the show. How did he do it? The answer is shocking.
Supermarkets have great techniques to persuade you: spend more and more and buy more and more. Learn how you can avoid this.
If you were a boss how would fire your employers? Read some astounding cases.
“Are you ready to start evolution? Are you ready to change history?” These were the words of Madonna as she walked onto the stage of the London Live 8 concert. On 3rd July 2005, Live 8 concerts were held in ten cities around the globe.
New York used to be the city that never sleeps. These days it's the city that never smokes, drinks or does anything naughty (at least, not in public). The Big Apple is quickly turning into the Forbidden Apple.
Dublin, a city over a 1,000 years old, is the cultural and historical capital of Ireland and the birthplace of many of the world's most popular writers and musicians. James Joyce and Oscar Wilde were both born here. But what's it like?
Somewhere children die because of polluted water, starvation or civil wars. Millions of people live in poverty in Africa, Asia and South America. But on the other hand rich countries and people spend millions of dollars to meaningless things. I collected some terrible waste of money..
Have you ever walked around a city and thought ‘this is Paradise’? Or maybe ‘this is the ugliest, most polluted, dangerous, frightening place I’ve ever been to and I can’t wait to get out’?
“The mass media is a combination of information, entertainment and complete rubbish.” You may or may not agree with psychologist David Yandell, but most people agree that the media has one key characteristic: it keeps growing and growing.
Every day, thousands of people are on the move and, either temporarily or permanently, setting up home abroad. Their move may be job-orientated or perhaps they think the grass is greener somewhere else. Whatever their reasons, it's clear that more and more people are stepping into the...
Read some interesting details about life, love, death, work, habits and body.
'Parkour' - or free running - is the fast-growing extreme sport that turns everyday urban landscapes into obstacle courses.
Who couldn’t do with a little extra money? Maybe you need to pay off a loan or perhaps you just want to save up for a holiday. Whatever your reasons, these simple money-making schemes could make all the difference.
Have you ever been to Mexico? If you visit this exotic country you should go to a bird watching trip. It will be unforgettable.
Have you ever been to Egypt? If you visit this country, you should go to a camel trip. It will be unforgettable.
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