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Jack Vorster
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My background is marketing and advertising. My passion is the human make-up and writing about it based on many years of study on the subject. http://www.earthboundlife.wozaonline.co.za
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People are born and people die. Many are born a second time to live a supernatural life.
Not much thought is given to the most important aspect of our lives. Looking at it this way might bring it to the fore.
Time is of the essence for a great many people. All they need to do is make the right choice between good and evil.
Our planet and the entire universe is held in existence by the Word of power.
A significant truth that cannot be denied has been totally misunderstood. If grasped by everyone the world would stop to celebrate forever.
The most incredible power in the universe has been extended to the earth for use by those who dare to take it up.
All of humanity existed in a very special place, even before the foundation of the world, and then, one by one, each individual made their way to this earth and made their mark in this world.
In the very near future there will be a new buying and selling system in place for implementation on a global scale.
Different trees, different fruit, different outcomes.
Our words can make or break depending on the degree of faith behind what we say.
Heaven is not the last stop of life’s journey. There is a return ticket.
The life we live comes with a warning, but we pay scant attention to that warning.
Did you know that you are on the wanted list along with every person on this planet? And did you know that God wants you off that wanted list?
The American government did not use airplanes to kill off its own citizens. They did it by stealth.
We have come to a point in time where only the things of this world find place in our lives, but no time or place is found for the giver of our time on this planet.
We’ve heard and read it repetitively – the fact that we have the righteousness of God, but we really need to lean back and absorb the extraordinary revolution of the transition from sinfulness to righteousness.
Some go to heaven and some go to hell. Unfortunately, those that are hell-bound don't seem to want it any other way.
Many believe in the once-saved-always-saved misconception, but there is more to it.
Some feel that life should be a bed of roses, but the truth makes it impossible.
I was saved by the Grace of God through Jesus Christ. This is my story
Many Christians aspire to live the abundant life that Jesus talked about, but they need to change their thinking in order to get there.
Those living in unbelief have a certain picture of God imprinted in their minds and they won’t let go of it, but there is a second picture they need to see.
The mind of man is in two minds about his existence.
It took several words in the Garden of Eden to plunge mankind into darkness, but it took just one Word to reverse the process.
Planet Earth is in turmoil. It is like a wild horse trying to dislodge the human element on its back.
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