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Hi my name is christine lynch most everyone calls me christy. Im a christian wife and mother of 11 years. My husband and I have 5 amazing,beautiful chidlren. My passions are education,sewing and paint
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We can't always control what happens to us sometimes but we can control how we choose to deal with it.
If you don't have anything nice to say than dont say anything at all and you can catch more flies with honey are two sayings I've all of my life but hold a lot truth of them.
Head lice is horrible and once contracted it's a lot of work to get rid of it. But there are ways you can protect yourself and your children. Because head lice is normally contracted in the public schools.
Playing games are fun and some you can stand to make some money at them.
Some people tend to feel an emptyness when their children are all grown up an out of the house. There are ways to handle it to make you feel better.
Every child develops at a different rate. There's something amazing when the child learns to speak and use words and be able to communicate their needs and wants.
Sometimes in life things happen not always as we thing it should but we can still be in control in how we handle the change.
A few days ago I had written about our family getting a bunny. It's under One of the teaching tools for children our pets. Here's a little update about how bunny is doing.
There is no right or wrong way to being successful in potty training. There are of course do's and don't. But in the end it's about your child.
Addicents happen everyday but it send a different messeage when it hits close to home.
Animals can help people and it is the same with children. Having an animal as a pet can teach children about life and about responbilitiy.
Easter is right around the corner and one of my very favorite holidays.
We cant pick our parents but we have to learn to have a certain level of respect no matter what and sometimes that is not always easy to do.
Based off the reality television show storeage wars. People really do make a living by buying storage units and reselling the items within.
Fibromyalgia is very real and very painful. There are ways of learning to deal with it and not letting it take over you.
Death is never easy and I always seems to come in three but this was something none of us was prepared for at all.
It's always good to have back up plans because no matter how you plan your day you just never know.
There's nothing better than comfort food wheater its at the end of a long hard day or it's cold outside or whatever the occasion is this dish is sure to please just about anyone.
This isnt your ordinary southwestern chicken recipe this is kicked up with a little something extra
This is just a little tribute to my wonderful children for having worked so hard this school year. Im so proud of all them.
Besides adding flavor to our food there are healhtful benefits when we use herbs in our cooking.
Spring is here and the weather is wonderful. Time to get outside and enjoy it.
If you've been out of the work scene for awhile you may find yourself finding it harder to get a job.
Do not take lightly what you say to others. Our words are more powerful than one might think what you say to others does truly matter.
Sometimes when were always we can tend to get in a rut just like anything we do over and over again. When that happens it's time to look around for new ideas and ways of doing something.
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