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Twin Palms
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Hepatoblastoma is a killer childhood cancer of which there is no cure. Each year many innocent children die of this nasty monster.
Alzheimers Disease is a very cruel, lonely and dibilitating disease affecting nearly four million older adults. Alzheimer’s disease is named after Dr. Alois Alzheimer, a German doctor who noticed changes in the brain while performing a routine autopsy in 1906.
Sadly, this is a true story of the life and times of a little boy called Jarren; a son, a brother, a grandson, a great-grandson and a cousin to many.
Do you know your birthstone and the meaning behind it? I have always known my birthstone – it is a girl’s best friend…A Diamond!
Having been invited to a family function, I was asked to bring a healthy green salad for our meal.. My beautiful salad was placed in a huge glass bowl was called a "bunch of weeds" which I thought was a rather interesting point of view of a four year old. I do use many types of lett...
Lemons are a very popular citrus fruit which we incorporate into our lives in various ways and uses. I have five well producing lemon trees; two planted in the ground and two in pots. They are very decorative as plants; and most useful in a healthy daily diet; and pretty as well. I...
Most adults have experienced insomnia or sleeplessness at one time or another in their lives. Approximately one half of our population are affected by some type of insomnia.
Rosemary's role in the remembrance of the dead appears in Shakespeare's work. In Hamlet, Ophelia says: "There's rosemary, that's for remembrance, pray, love, remember."
Today's cup of tea continues to be an event maker And, that event is bringing us closer to one another and relaxing. Tea today is a symbol of healthy living, serenity, and an open hand. From young lovers rendezvousing to pass affections to business persons congregating, from a fa...
Emergency Preparedness is a Vital Responsibility For us All With more and more natural disasters occurring it has always been recommended to have both an Emergency Plan for your family and a Emergency Disaster Survival Kit.
The attractiveness of roses grows from their disease resistance, their fragrances, and perhaps most important of all, their graceful growth which makes them ideally suited for gardens. Roses are cold hardy, and may bloom once or twice during the season. Roses provide reliable beau...
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