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hello friends my name is L.GOMES . I join the Wikinut because I love to write the poem and articles.when i was in class 7th i write my first poem that is gift of nature. and my poem select
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Believe What You Read…Don’t Always .Where do you get your news?
We are not the only planet in the entire universe that supports life.
Warning Please Don’t Read Don’t don’t don’t ok read now The ghost.
How to write and publish a technical book. The greatest ideas are worthless if you keep them to yourself What is the goal ?
You told me how much you love me You said I am your life I am your love I wish to feel again your love.
Getting married does not mean loss of independence and freedom.
A poetry about the different genres of music and touch of music to the heart
‘Google Adsense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to display relevant, unobtrusive Google ads on their website’s content pages and earn money.’ Google.com.
If we were meant to be alone, we would never be lonely. We would be happy doing things by ourselves. But it is a fact, that we’re a lot happier when we have good and caring and loving friends. Here are the ABC’s of making and keeping great friendships!
Many people love flying! They wouldn’t travel any other way. However some people wouldn’t be caught dead in an airplane. Why is that? Why do some have a fear of flying?
This article is about this that god never forget good work done by use
This is the dream right? Doing what you can to make money online at home while spending your precious time doing other things. Sure there are a ton of “get rich quick” schemes that promise instant riches, but in all honestly, nothing will get you rich instantly other than winning ...
A human is way more intelligent than a computer! Here is the proof!.I hope you all agree with me when you read this article.
From a friend to a friend. A friend’s feelings about losing someone who has been a huge part of life.
About feelings that you have for someone that you are attracted to.
this article is the ways to make you son or other children to a better student.I hope my friends like this
We fall in love and it doesn’t work out. Life is like that sometimes. Oh but the pleasure of love!
Sometimes a relationship can’t go further then friendship.
Breaking up is hard to do. It’s hard on me and it’s hard on you. But I believe that we shouldn’t string someone along. If it’s not going to work, let them know quickly.
I was lost in my disguise, and it drowned me in my tears
poem of my creation or we can say what i am thank.hope you like this
Have you ever wished that someone would just believe in you? Sometimes that is all you need to go from a down-and-outer to a champion.
Bad poetry. With drinking! Yay!. this is short true story of my
A poem about things people might wonder about love and relationships.
People seem to take everything for granted, Everyone needs to remember how special all the little things we do for each other is and how much love and every second of happiness means to us!
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