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I teach, write and research. My hobby and leisure activity is also as a Freelance writer. I write for clients from technology, biology and all parts of the world on a fee-basis.
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I write here of a science fiction that maybe a possibility derived from the invention in MIt of converting thoughts to words
People who fall prey to alcoholism are at high risk of posing themselves to liver damage and other alcohol related illnesses. In order to help them to turn over a new leaf this is necessary to identify what kind of drinker they are!
This article discusses the reasons why Windows Desktop is much more user friendly than other desktops, but do not compare with the desktop from other operating systems.
Writing search engine friendly articles is no big deal, if you could take a few seconds and go ahead reading what I have got to say for you!
When you are trying to work on driving more traffic to your blog, do one of the following.
A sneak into the world of health checking apps, which aids in helping you to work on your diet plans and lead a healthy life
Listed here are 10 small things that you can do to conserve nature and be more ecofriendly. Small things matters, as tiny drops makes the big ocean.Do your job right for protecting the environment.
This is an article for choosing the right hair dryer based on your type of hair. So read more to know more...
Below discussed are some fo the easy to use Word Press Affiliate links...
I believe that when Disney gets down to your phone, this sounds like the cartoons are coming down to your handset to visit you...
Family Angels are the angels who are with you from birth to death and in life after death when you resurrect. This is the divination concept in Christianity.
The story is like a science fiction story that will make you get reminded of Richie Rich's science fiction editions
When Consumer Electronics show was about to end, Garmin had something to show off.....
A friend in need; is a friend indeed. There are many mixed emotions that you will realise when you depart after being will also find the longing lonely feeling in you
Humanity and understanding are some of the few deeds that will make your life more wonderful and pleasant.
Many things in your life remains the same as you were destined to be born to live with those happily, which makes you a unique personality.
If Robert Frost can write "All miles to go before I sleep", which was quoted by Jawaharlal Nehru in his autobiography, I believe that I am not wrong in penning down my thoughts and reflections of "Life" the journey that I have gone so far.
A poem telling you how different love and affection are!!!
English is one the most communicable language, and even experts will depend on looking into the dictionary. Here are listed the top 10 searched words in the past year, for which synonyms from Oxford dictionary! Let us see how this will help them in the year to come!
This is a short poem for better understanding emotions and feelings for unconditional love of God
Life will be much better if only we could understand that thoughts and emotions are much required.
This is a quotation saying how mundane life will be sometime, but what makes life colorful and tells how color defines your love life
What do you think of life? This is one of the other short contemplations on what my outlook of life was when I was doing my Masters
Life has ups and downs, and every time when we meet Success and contemplate on that on a later date...maybe many will find these words true..
Well, sharing one of my recent poems telling how much uncertain you will find when you think about your is good to behold the thoughts of your future!
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