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I dabble in poetry and love fiction. I am slightly opinionated and regularly voice my thoughts. I guess my writing may show some of that.
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Just a little love poem I wrote for my husband this morning.
A poem for my grandson to let him know how much I care
A 5 year old's broken heart is expressed over the loss of a bug he caught.
Children are affected by what their parents do but they don't always have to pay the price.
A zombie apocalypse may not be on your list of things to worry about but, maybe it should. This is just a small list of things I think would be essential for survival of such an event and hope for the future.
The struggles of taking over the care of your grandchildren are vast but the love they need are worth it.
Just a poem about mistakes a foolish heart makes but no regrets are felt about it.
Just a few tips that may help ease the angst of starting school.
4 shows I found on Netflix that I thought would be nice to share.
This is what happens when husbands don't do things the way they should be done.
When you stop and look at the people around you, you see more than what you did at first glance.
This is a poem about all that has made me who I am today.
Becoming a young parent is one thing but, becoming a young grandparent is a whole new dimension.
A quarantined room, a face mask, a full body isolation suit and an old man. What could go wrong?
A poem about the pain carried from childhood to adulthood.
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