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A published author, wife and mother, poet, and teller of tales. Creative writing is where my heart is, but I write where my mood takes me.
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I wrote this poem last year to honor our fallen Police Officers. I am married to a Police Officer and as a Chief of Police, he attends many funerals. One of the last things they do at a police officers funeral is to do the Final Call. It never fails to brings every one to tears and...
I love Baseball!! Every year I can't wait for baseball season. This year my team is not doing well at all but I still watch every game, hoping they will still pull a miracle out and make the play offs. This poem was written a few years ago, but still is one of my favorites. GO ROCK...
Night is a time when pain seems to haunt me. During these times, I often get up and try to ride out the pain by writing poetry. It is dark and sometimes depressing but it helps me to express what is going on with words and dark metaphors.
I know I am not the only person who is alone on this 4th of July holiday. It is hard when family is near, but either busy or whatever. I am taking a few minutes to wallow in self-pity, and then I plan on snapping out of it. Writing about my emotions always helps.
A night of fun in Denver turns to murder as a police officer loses her life after being shot. Another terrible tragedy for the law enforcement families.
As someone in their early 50's, I am beginning to experience what we all must, through my friends, the loss of our parents. Even though it is expected, it is so very painful. My best friend lost her mother this week. This is for her.
I have six boys. Three are my blood sons and three are my step sons. All were raised the same. The only difference was the early years when my step sons were with their birth mom. Is there a difference? Read on and then answer the question.
The following is an example of what an ordinary day is like for me. When I choose to do more than what I wrote about, and I do, often, then I make changes, but for the most part, this is it.
I recently attended my 35th high school reunion. At first I was ambivalent about going, but am so glad I did. What precious memories attending brought back to me!
I haven't been sick in years. It is warm and beautiful out and I am stuck in bed with the flu!! Just shoot me now!
It has been a long time since I lived my horror but the affects are still with me.
I attended the funeral for the son of a friend yesterday. It was a very hard thing for many reasons, chief among them the recent illness of my own son.
Racism seems to be becoming more prevalent lately. Or perhaps it is just because racists have access to the internet, too. Whatever the reason, it is a very scary thing.
What do people mean when they say they are in a flair? Hopefully, this will explain and help some understand a little better.
It will be my 35th High School Reunion this year. Doesn't seem possible, but the years have just flown by. Some thoughts on the upcoming event.
A poem describing the pain of waning passion, of other emotions overwhelming the desires once felt in a relationship.
Poems can be cathartic, but not all are autobiographies. Some were written years ago, some written in the recent past. I think it's fun when everyone assumes you are writing about your own personal life when that is not what is going on at all. But interpret anyway you want. :)
Commercials seem to focus on the pain of Fibromyalgia. There are so many other conditions that come under the umbrella that is Fibro. One of the worst for me is the constant fatigue.
My husband has a history of messing up on certain holidays. Valentines Day is usually the worst and this year was no exception.
My son is recovering from Rhabdomyolysis, a syndrome brought on from over exhertion. It caused him to go into acute renal failure and he had to undergo days of dialysis. Currently he is out of the hospital and back at home. His kidney function is at 50% and we don't know if it will...
My son was recently injured and is in the hospital. One would think that my being a Registered Nurse would be an advantage but that is not necessarily the case.
A Savannah is a relatively new breed a cat. A hybrid between an African Serval and a domestic cat makes for a striking kitty with spots and a remarkable personality. Is this the breed for you?
This year it is not about weight loss. It is about feeling better.
Sometimes poetry is uncomfortable to read. Writing this piece allowed me to write about a very uncomfortable truth in a way that was comfortable for me. I hope it will open some eyes and help people see what is real.
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